Medicare Compliance

Medicare Compliance

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance issues have become prevalent in many workers’ compensation claims. Any workers’ compensation claim involving a Medicare beneficiary or potential Medicare beneficiary implicates MSP compliance issues. The federal government has made preservation of the Medicare trust funds a priority for obvious fiscal reasons.

Given the federal government’s increased focus and corresponding heightened enforcement capabilities in this regard, it is vital that defense counsel have a thorough knowledge and understanding of MSP compliance issues facing clients.

Whether it be Medicare Conditional Payments, Medicare Set-Asides or Medicare Mandatory Reporting issues, Anders Crone has the requisite knowledge and understanding of all facets of MSP compliance to recognize opportunities to implement unique, innovative strategies to minimize the impact of MSP compliance issues on settlement of claims, which translates to real cost savings for our clients.

Anders Crone is here to consult and provide solutions to problems posed by MSP compliance.

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Medicare Compliance