Compensation Conversations

Compensation Conversations is a blog from Anders Newton aimed to help employers and carriers across North Carolina stay updated on workers’ compensation developments. You will find quick legal tips and practice summaries to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of workers' compensation law.

Coronavirus and NC Workers’ Comp Claims

Is a new batch of claims coming our way? With the first diagnosed case of COVID-19 arising in Wake County, North Carolina this week and with additional cases possible across the state, claims adjusters should prepare for associated workers’ compensation claims. At-risk work environments If Coronavirus spreads in North Carolina, we may see an increase…

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Emergency Workers’ Comp Procedures

During this Coronavirus pandemic, the team at Anders Newton continues to work diligently to represent employers and insurers in workers’ compensation matters.  Like other professionals, we are working remotely as needed to decrease the spread of the disease but, thanks to technology, are still as accessible as ever to our clients. For pending workers’ compensation…

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Investigating Remote Work Injuries

Hoping to keep workers safe and minimize the spread of Coronavirus, many North Carolina employers are allowing – or even requiring – employees to work remotely from home. While working from home may reduce the risk of virus exposure, the unusual work environment may lead to work-related injuries at home. Step 1: Valid injury claim?…

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Watch Out! Top 3 Workers’ Compensation Goofs to Avoid in 2020

It’s a jungle out there, folks. North Carolina’s workers’ compensation adjusters are expected to manage loads of workers’ compensation cases spanning many legal issues – and of course, do so without making mistakes. The Workers’ Comp Act is hundreds of pages long and adjusters handle hundreds of cases, so there is plenty to say, but…

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